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Dear Valued Clients,

In order to support existing beneficiaries under the National Response Guarantee Program (NRGP), Alrayyan Financial Bank (AFB) is providing a fresh repayment period of their outstanding loans up to 5 years with other benefits like grace period and low interest rate. To know more about the details and apply, kindly contact your Alrayyan Financial Bank Relationship Manager before the deadline of February 10, 2024.

Important announcement for Corporate Banking Customers

LIBOR will cease to be a market-wide benchmark interest rate by 31 December 2021

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Personal Banking Services credit_card
Our personal banking services include a comprehensive range of programs that cater to specific customers groups including kids, youth, the salaried transfer customers, the professionals, self employed, executives and entrepreneurs in addition to the affluent customers. Open account
Housing, Personal & Auto Loan credit_card
Whether you need a Housing Loan, Personal Loan or an Auto Loan, your dreams are just a heartbeat away, with competitive interest rates. Access
Alrayyan Reward Program credit_card
The Credit Card Rewards Program from Alrayyan Financial Bank is your ticket to enjoying a great range of free servicees and benefits simply as a reward for using your Cards Apply

Corporate & Institutional Banking

Alrayyan Financial Bank established itself as the Bank of Choice for major international, regional, local companies and financial institutions, providing counterparts with their financing needs across an extensive network. With vast experience in a variety of products and services, working with clients across sectors, Alrayyan Financial Bank is a prominent financier in Qatar.

Alrayyan Financial Bank offers its clients a wide range of financing options, ranging from corporate lending to more complex specialized financing facilities, products and services to cater to corporate and/or institutional clients’ banking needs, providing its clients with multiple channels to perform transactions efficiently, whether through the branch or electronic channels.

CORPORATE FINANCE Backed by extensive expertise and global knowledge in infrastructure and industrial projects, Alrayyan Financial Bank's corporate finance solutions match clients' business needs. navigate_next
INTERNATIONAL TRANSACTION BANKING Alrayyan Financial Bank takes the lead in introducing innovative products and services to cater to corporate clients' banking needs. navigate_next
CORPORATE SOLUTIONS AND CHANNELS Account and Payment Services and Branch Network and EChannels navigate_next


Alrayyan FInancial Bank's Treasury department provides a broad range of investment and risk management products for our consumers, corporate and sophisticated customers.

For consumers and savers, products include the following:

chevron_right Spot FX
chevron_right Forward FX
chevron_right FX swaps
chevron_right Deposits in local and foreign currencies
chevron_right Securities
chevron_right Options
chevron_right Interest rate swaps
chevron_right Structured products

For more information on whether Alrayyan FInancial Bank can help you to manage your savings or your business risks, please contact your Branch Manager, your Relationship manager, or conntact Treasury directly on

Ways to Bank


Our ATM services are available to you 24/7 through our ATM network across the country.


With Alrayyanibank Mobile application on your smart phone / tablet you can conduct many of your banking transactions easily and whenever you want.


Our banking services are at your disposal around the clock to conduct your banking transactions easily and conveniently from the comfort of your home or office through our Customer care center.


With this service you will enjoy instant updates by receiving SMS messages to your mobile number informing you about the transactions conducted on your account.


Enjoy ultimate flexibility and security while conducting your banking transactions wherever you are and whenever you want through Alrayyan financial Online Service.


Alrayyan Financial Bank’s corporate digital platform, AlrayyanbankConnect, offers a comprehensive set of innovative online banking solutions that meet the transaction banking requirements of corporate clients.


The Corporate Business Center provides professional support to corporate clients

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